At CPAC, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch accused the mainstream media of loving mass shootings because they are good for ratings.

Is there any other explanation for this segment?

The Daily Wire reports:

Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling accompanied CNN’s Gary Tuchman to a shooting range for a demonstration on shooting the AR-15, which drew instant mockery on social media.

Tuchman falsely asserted that a defining characteristic of the AR-15 is the “power of the bullet” that it fires. This is a common lie spread by the media as the try to scare people into calling for AR-15s to be banned.

Hertling also made a head-scratching comment. “Now those are single shots,” he says. “If I wanted to fire this on full semi-automatic all I do is keep firing.”

Problem: There is no such thing as “full semi-automatic.” Hertling later acknowledged as much in some tweets.

The segment exposed CNN’s hysterical bias and led to mockery on social media.

“After 24 years of military service, anti-2A activist and firearms novice Mark Hertling cannot put 5 rounds on target at 25 yards,” Dr. Mike Simpson tweeted.

“Pro tip: get your elbow down douche canoe.”